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Our signature cocktails


S**k Out the Bird

Orange bitter, Nolly Prat, Pisco, Orgeat syrup

From the depths of the southern
wineries to the northern forest, this wandering bird has been collecting delicious nectar to bring to this 
nutty, yet refreshing concoction.
It's time to Suck Out the Bird.

4800 Ft


Not a Tequila Sunrise

Orange bitter, Bulleit Bourbon, Pineapple syrup, egg white, Syrah

Is it a New York Sour? Is it a Tequila Sunrise? Not to be confused with any of the previous ones, this one takes inspiration from both of them. Fruity, 
sour and very refreshing - We present to you 
Not a Tequila Sunrise!

4800 Ft

after a hard day.png

After a hard day

Benedictine, Mezcal, Gold Tequila, strawberry syrup, bubbles, tabasco, sechuan pepper

Is society weighing down on you? 
Do you feel like you can't catch a  break? Or simply had a long day? Not a problem! Allow us to help you decompress. Sit back, put your feet 
up and enjoy a smoky and spicy bath
After a Hard Day.

4800 Ft


What a pint?

Chocolate bitter, Tanquarey no. 10, Leffe Blonde, Lychee liquer, Mango pureee

For those with a curious mind and 
an adventurous soul, we've got a unique combination of flavors that will refresh you to your very core. Topped with premium beer, it will 
set the mood right for a celebration 
and no better way than with a
What a Pint!

4800 Ft

what a pint.png
tropic from france.png

Tropic from France 

Pernod, Finlandia vodka, Coconut syrup

Inspired on the more tropical side of Europe and made for anise lovers, this sweet and slightly sour cocktail will wow you with its unique approach to your palate. Think of it as a sunny day at the beach in the Tropic from France.

4800 Ft



Black walnut bitter, Black Label, Laphroaig, Amaretto, pistachio syrup

Picture your younger self on a hot summer afternoon looking for a source of refreshment. The first thing that comes to mind is a delicious creamy ice cream with a crusty chocolate coat. To ignite the nostalgia feeling of the old days, we present to you;

4800 Ft

Jardin cocktail #202561.jpg
Pink Zaatar.png

Pink Za'atar

Jameson, Grenadine syrup, simple syrup, yogurt, za'atar

To wrap up our series of signature cocktails, we introduce our most peculiar creation to this date. A cocktail that tastes and looks like it's from out of this world. Recommended to welcome with an open mind due to its delicate balance of flavours it provides. Without further ado, the very unique
Pink Za'atar.

4800 Ft


Our special cocktails

From 1880

Pamperro, Chambord, Cola reduction, cinnamon syrup,strawberry syrup, egg white


Cranberry bitter, Lemon vodka, Black Eristoff, Gum nero syrup, strawberry syrup

Cookie Monster

Vanilla vodka, Frangelico, Kahlua, 1 shot espresso, chocolate syrup


Vodka, Triple Sec, passion fruit, fresh pineapple juice


Bombay gin, coriander seeds syrup, bird salad, raddish, fresh greens 


Rhubarb bitter, Tanquarey, Aperol, mango pure, passion fruit

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